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Spatchcock yes google it for pictures or method but essentially removing the backbone of the chicken. Basically butterflying it out
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I'd have to say that I do 90% of my whole chickens spatched.


Here's a few of my spatchcocked chicken cooks:

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Were you using lump or briqquettes?
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Looks pretty good from here!

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sounds like you have maybe an ECB? That is el cheapo brinkman smoke and grill? If so search for modifications to the ecb on here. I had one for years before I made my own UDS. there are great recources on this site to get that puppy dialed in to hold 225 for hours on end. Been there done that. In my experience I would never not spatchcock again. Best way period.

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You need to open your top vents more too.  That will create a draft to pull more air in on the bottom to stoke your coals. Its all about air flow.

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It is not a Brinkman ECB. It is a cheapo charbroil, but is essentially the same set up as my parent's much more expensive gas smoker.

The vents are part of my problem along with opening the main door too often.

The charcoal was briquettes.
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Maybe the ash from the briquettes was causing the coals to snuff out? Just a thought on why you couldn't get your temp up
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