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Cooking Today 8/25/13

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Cooking a 3+ pound chuckie today on the CharGriller, using northern red oak for heat after starting the fire with lump charcoal.

A few pics to begin with-

Todays wood choice-


Starting the charcoal-


Pre-heating the wood prior to placing in the firebox-


After about half an hour-


I seasoned with SPOG,  wrapped it in plastic and put in the fridge for two hours. Started cooking about 2 hours ago.

Anyone in the group cooking today? Post up and lets see what you're doing.popcorn.gif

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Hey cliffcarter off to a good start I'd say! I did mac and cheese, qview and all in the NE forum already so no need to duplicate, but it came out awesome. The mac and cheese came off the smoke around 430 so I already ate dinner. I'm stuffed. How's the steer coming along?

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Wonder what everyone else is doing? 

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Out of the CG-






My wife prefers pulled beef to pulled pork, either way I winicon_biggrin.gif

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I'd say that's perfection! Nicely done! 

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Looks real good. grilling_smilie.gif
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