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First run on the gosm. Mixed feelings

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Smoked ribs and chicken (thighs and legs). Love the ease of use of the gasser. Once I got the feel for it I was able to keep the temp very consistent. S I took my son to an Italian festival for a couple of hours. I came back and the temp dropped to 163. Not sure why it happened but I got it back on track. I need to do the needle valve mod soon though. I ended smoking two racks of pork. Both rinsed, dried and membrane removed. Lathered yellow mustard on both. One got just salt and pepper and the other was a rub made from chipotle dip seasoning, brown sugar and salt. I did the 2-2-1 process but because of a large storm I had to finish in the oven. Solid smoke ring and very moist ribs but I didn't much care for the wood I used. All I had was cherry wood and I won't use that again. Funny thing is that I get so into making great rubs but the salt and pepper ribs were great I mean great. I
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Pride, evening.....  Glad the ribs turned out OK.....  I don't care for cherry either...   Try alder or maple for a smooth mild flavor and go from there....    Maybe with a touch of mesquite when smoking beef...      



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Nothing but Cherry and Oak for my ribs !!  GOSM Charcoal to Propane Conversion.  Maybe our Cherry wood is different here??



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Great looking ribs flash.
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Needle valve is a big plus for temp control in the GOSM. You didn't mention the water pan. Did you have it full of water? I have mine filled with sand. It really makes a big difference helping to maintain constant temps especially when the weather is crummy. I smoke in mine during all kinds of weather and can maintain constant temps no problem.

For pork I prefer milder woods. Apple, peach, alder, pecan all are tasty.
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