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New to Smoking, couple of questions

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Ok my wife got me a smoker/bbq this weekend and ive never smoked before. plenty of grilling/charcoal and love it so the wife got me this but never had the change to own one of these


so i have a char-Broil Silver Smoker 




and a bag of apple wood chunks and a 9lb bag of stubbs all natural briquettes. So my questions are did i get the right fuel? ive been doing lots of research on here and google, but cant find a straight answer on either using regular charcoal or buying these briquettes and if so how do these work differently? And do the "flavored" briquettes work by themselves or is wood chunks going to be needed for real smoking flavors. 


also any tips are helpful for first timer here to smoking. I am gonna try to smoke some burgers/steaks tomorrow and maybe a pork tendorloin to play with temps and smoke flavor. 


any suggestions on mods would be great, ive already installted a heat gauge in the top as one did not come with this

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Welcome to the great world of smoking. I see no one posted or responded to your questiins... I have no clue about that smoker so I have only some advice to hang around and someone will know your exact answers your asking. BUT.. WELCOME AGAIN ;)
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