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new to briskets

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Doing a 6lb. Brisket tomorrow. How long should I expect to cook it for and what temp should I get it to. Any help will be appreciated
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I am doing my first brisket today. I would aim for 8 hours. Mine looks like it will finish around 7.5hrs and then i can let it rest for awhile. I would start early and let rest in a cooler til u want to serve.
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Here is the brisket all seasoned and ready to go. Putting it on early
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What temp are you going to cook at?
225*-250* should take about 1.5 - 2 hours/lb.
Do you want to slice it or pull it?
For slicing, shoot for about 180* then start checking for tenderness. Probe it in multiple places with a toothpick or skewer, when it slides in with no resistance like going into hot butter it is done. If you want to pull it then shoot for about 200*, it should be super tender and just falling apart by then.
I think for large cuts like briskets and butts temp is just a guideline and the tenderness test really tells the story.
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Its on at around around 250 right now. Got to 160 pretty quick. I then wrapped it in foil and put in some jack honey. Will now let this go to around 190. Will take pics when done.
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Came out really good. May need to let it stay on for a bit longer but it was still tender. Thanks for the help everyone.
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Looks good what smoker did you use. and did you smoke it in the pan or on a rack, and what did you put on it, and how long did it cook?


A lot of questions I know but we smokers are nosey sorts wanting to know all the details.

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Used a brinkmann electric smoker. The red one. Used a mixture of cherry and apple chips for the wood. The seasoning was one that my brother in law bought me from a BBQ joint in Texas. Forgot the name of it right now. Smoked it on the rack and When it got to around 160* I wrapped it in foil and added about a 1/2 cup to a cup of jack daniels Tennessee honey for it to bast in. Then pulled it around 190. Used the toothpick test and could have waited a little longer but I had some where to go and had to take it with me. All in all it took me a 8.5 hours. Probably could have gone for 9 but didn't have the time. I also collected the juices to make a reduction with it. That came out really well. Hope that helps. Cheers
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Thank you for the information.

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