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7.5 lb Butt

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Just took my 7.5lb pork butt out of fridge to put on my 18.5 WSM. Using Apple and Cherry chunks for the smoke. Rubbed the butt with sea salt, white pepper, cumin, paprika, garlic, onion, and my own mix I smoked and ground.
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here is some Q-view




here it is out of fridge

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At 2hrs 30 min into cook Maverick is reading 127° for butt 248° for WSM. Thinking it is going to be a long night.
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Looking good so far ... grab some cocktails and some chairs and have relax time..
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Yup. Looks good. Going to pull it?
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Thats the plan Farmer. Haven't figuered out if I will mix with some BBQ sauce or a finishing sauce. I have the slaw in the fridge for tomorrow might make some Hot Tots to go with it.
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I haven't tried a finishing sauce yet. Usually have bbq sauce on the side.
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In the past I have used BBQ sauce might try something different.
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Please post the finishing sauce. Lol
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The butt is at 167° WSM is at 262°. Couldn't find Kingsford today so bought the Our Family brand. First time using it seems like it is doing its job ok. I believe it was 18 lbs for $5 might have to get more. Depends on what is left when smoke is done and taste.
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Here it is 5:37 am the Maverick is reading 199° on pork 277° on WSM. Is is normal that the temp go up 15° in 5 hours. The smoker has been going for 14 hours, now I would think to see a drop in temp not an increase in this time. I guess the WSM is just that good a smoker and this Our Family charcoal must be good also.
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What are you measuring those temps with? Are you catching your drippings in a pan, if not they can land on the charcoal and cause the temps to rise? Sounds like the job is getting done though! 

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I am using my Maverick 732 to measure temp. No drip pan just dry water pan in WSM. Twelve and a half hours the butt has been cooking about time to check it.
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first time taking lid off since i started


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Looks fantastic.  WSM wins again!

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Yep, I agree. Money well spent! Looks like there will some good Burnt Ends for other recipes as well. 

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here it is out of smoker it took 13 hrs





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Great looking butt. What internal temperature did you bring it to?



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That looks delicious!  Another long overnight smoke pays off!  Nicely done...



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