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What's for dinner.

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My wife and son are at the fair, I just got a text saying they are going to be late so eat without them.


So I decided a chicken thigh and leg sounds good.


When down to the sweet corn patch to see if there was any left.  Found three ears.


Going to cook them in the uds at 225-250 until almost done and then pull the basket up and sear the skin and then throw the sweet corn on.


How long at those temps should a thigh take?

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Going on at 250
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If you don't have one you need a good thermometer so that you can cook the bird to 160f at  the thickest part. Can't wait to see the finished pics?

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Got a mav 732.

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beats the snot outta me how long it will take, but your a lucky man not having to share it. can't wait to see it done

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Its ALLLLL   mine.   LOL

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Nice smoke.
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hahaha, id join ya, but even on the ninja, i dont think ill make it there before it is gone

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I wont think so.

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Tonights dinner...
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A better pic I hope.

Wow its good
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My wife wants her chicken done, so I have a tendency to take them to 170 on the smoker. Due to rubbery skin, they then go to the hot grill to crisp up. Still nice and moist though. Most of the time I find they get done in the 2 to 2 1/2 hour time frame.




Gonna be doing another 10 lb load again tomorrow.

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I seared mine in the uds.   Nice and crispy skin.  Took about 1 1/2 hours.

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Very tasty lookin' dinner, c farmer...Nicely done!



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Thanks Red.  Skin crisped up so much it pull off the meat.

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LOOKS good farmer... arent you glad that UDS got finished??... its used what? 3 times a week it seems...
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LOL  I use it alot.     Mini is coming this winter.



Charcoal sale at lowes.   Yea I hit that.

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Yea.. me too. Wish they were the 4th of july prices.. 9.99.. but still $13 is still saving 8 bucks..
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Here too

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Looks GREAT!

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