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Whole hog in small smokers?

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If my search skills are lacking, please point me in the right direction!  th_wsmsmile0ly.gif


I'm thinking about a 24"x 40" reverse flow smoker and got to thinking about whole hog (or suckling pig redface.gif) in one for Boy Scout outings and similar sized events.  How big a hog/pig can you smoke effectively in smaller smokers either "racing style" or split open?  Qview pictures would be appreciated!

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sid, morning..... enter whole hog in the search bar at the top of the page...  that should get you started...  If you need more help, ask away....  



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I have a 100 gallon propane tank made into a reverse flow. I believe my dimensions are 27 by 42 on the cooking grate. I just did a half hog on mine. 108 lbs. I cit it in thirds. The ham went on the top 30 by 24 inch grate and the rest went on the bottom. Had just enough room for 3 butts for another party.
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