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Sausage Racks

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Where can I buy a sausage rack for the smoker to keep the sausage up off the grate?  I'd prefer to buy one locally since Im doing it this weekend but if I have to wait that's alright too.  I can't seem to find one. 


Also while we are talking about racks, does anyone use rib racks?   Do they serve any purpose?  

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Does your neck of the woods have a TSC store?  if so, go see if they have one I saw a Masterbuilt sausage hanging device in our TSC about a month ago. I is about a foot square, made of stainless steel rod/wire.  it had 3 or 4 rods crossing it and on these rods I think 4 or 5 on every rod, hooks. Now if you se this device on your grate, hooks down, they would have the bottom of the hook about 1 1/4 inch below the grate.  I had to take this device to till to find out what it was.  It was Masterbuilt item # 20090113


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My MES40 measures 19 3/4 inches wall to wall. I had Lowes cut 1 inch pine dowels to 19 inches, same width as the racks, and used a knife to make a flat spot on the ends. The 4 dowels lay nicely on the top of the rack frames and cost less than $10. Each easily holds 15Lbs of sausage...JJ

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