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Amazn Pellet Smoker

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This may have been covered somewhere else, but I am using a GMG pellet smoker, and don't seem to get a lot of smoke flavor. Been trying different pellets but except for mesquite, not a lot of difference or smoke flavor. Going to try using the amzn in with the smoker.  Where do other GMG smokers place their amznps to keep it burning? It seems to always go out quickly.




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Hi Don,


I don't own a pit is a Rec Tec.  Where is the burn pot and the exhaust chimney on that GMG?  If yours is set up like my RT (burn pot in center of barrel, chimney on right side of barrel), I put my Amazin tube on the grates in the back left of my pit, as close to the back edge as I can get it.  Just FYI, I tried the AMNPS in my RT first, and it didn't perform well at all, so I traded for one of the tube smokers, which works awesome.


Good Luck!



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Same here for the Traeger. Left side of the grate for the pellet tube so the smoke travels the whole length of the chamber. Like most pellet burners the Traeger was a little light on smoke flavor but the tube adds the perfect amount for my taste.
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Thanks for the info. I was kinda afraid I would end up getting a tube, from what I have read on other sites, the tubes are awesome better.
But gonna try other way this weekend, have a hankerin for a coupla fatties.


Thanks again

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