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Weber WSC pre-purchase Questions?

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Can I use "some, larger chunks" hardwood or more than a few chunks with the WSC?

2nd, has anyone added a 3-4 cooking grate between the stock top and bottom grates? And how much a pain to rotate said/added grates?

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I think you must be referring to the Weber Smokey Mountain (WSM)?

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If you mean chunks as opposed to chips, yes, it's pretty much the preferred method around here. If you mean an all wood fire, I think that might get a little tedious feeding it given the design of the WSM.

I'm pretty sure folks have added a 3rd grate to the WSM. Not sure what you mean by rotate. It's going to be a bit more work to get to the bottom grate for sure, but not impossible.

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Ya, WSM :)

Right now, Im not sure about $400 for the WSM? Wanting to smoke ribs, chicken breast/legs and sausages(not just shoulders) enough for 40ish peoples.

Im also planning 1-2 26" Weber kettles, just not sure about what charcoal/wood smoker?
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I have done several parties for 30-40 people on my 22.5" WSM, usually once or twice a year. If you are doing ribs, chicken and sausage I would do the following:

  • cook ribs the day before, wrap in foil and put in the fridge - day of the party toss in the oven at 200° to reheat for 2 hrs.
  • day of party cook up two full racks of chicken, when they are done put them in a foil turkey sized pan, cover with foil and put them in the oven with the ribs.
  • after the chicken is done put the sausage on, when the sausage is done lay it all out on the table and enjoy the party!
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I've not added more cooking grates but I have seen photos of folks who have on TVWBB. The easiest way is to place empty cans on the bottom grate and add place another grate on top of the cans.
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Just curious, could you fit 2 Weber 6406 Rib Racks or a rib racks fit more ribs in a Weber 26" Kettle, to rewarm and base?
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If I am just re-heating ribs I leave them wrapped in foil and toss them in the oven then if you want a bit of char on them toss them on the hot grill right before you serve them.

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