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Your Favorite Spare Rib Temp?

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Hello all!

I smoked some spare ribs last weekend that turned out great. The problem was that I was using a Brinkmann S&G, and the temp fluctuated from 200-300 the whole cook. I ended up doing 3-1.45-1. I cooked based on how they looked because of temp problems.

Now that I have an 18.5 WSM, I was looking to see what everyone did to make their favorite ribs?

So, what temp does everyone prefer? For how long?
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The last year or so I have been running my smoker around 265* and 270* when smoking ribs. We'll and for that matter just about everything!
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I'm still new, so I'm interested in seeing what everyone does also. I was thinking of doing some ribs this weekend myself.

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I prefer 225°-240° for most cooks. I use sugar that I don't want to burn. I also like the longer in the smoke time.

Happy smoken.


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Some meats benefit from low and slow while others don't. Ribs benefit from low and slow while leaner meats don't.
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Used to do 225˚ like everyone said I should. Was never quite happy with the results (not enough fat rendering leading to greasy, heavy tasting ribs). Bumped my temp to 275˚ and like the result much better.## The fat renders out better, allowing the flavors of the meat and rub to be the star of the show. Another benefit is a shorter cook time, usually well under 4 hours total. I usually** do around 2 hours in the smoke, wrap for just under an hour then back on the grate for a half hour or so to firm up and set the sauce if I'm using it.



## I also add ginger to my rubs and sauce to counteract the heavy greasy flavors.


**All times are approximate and WILL be different for you. I usually leave the ribs in the smoke until they get the color I like. Depending on how they look before foiling, I adjust the time in foil based on pullback, tenderness, color, bark etc... I personally don't like a lot of pullback on my ribs, nor do I like "fall off the bone". I try to go for plump, juicy ribs that are ridiculously tender yet are still meaty and cling to the bone.

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225º to 250º for me.


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