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Fattie questions

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is there a how to section for fatties? I am looking to make my first one this weekend for a fantasy football draft. I plan i making one with hash browns, scrambled eggs, cheese, & onions in it and it needs to feed 13 people. I have a couple questions. 1. how much sausage do i need 2. how much bacon do i need 3. What kind of temp am i looking at in the smoker? 4. wood selection? what would you use? My goal is to have this ready by our 10am draft. (i have drafts at 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm) so this is the first smoked meat of the morning followed by smoked chicken and pork butt for dinner. any help would be much appreciated.
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You're in the right section - a little searching around will find all the info you need...


I use a lb of sausage for my fatties but some go with 1 1/2 lbs to make it a little easier to roll... I also use a lb of bacon for my weave. I start mine out at 225* to get good smoke flavor then once the IT hits 140 I raise the temp as high as I can get it (around 300 in my MES) for the rest of the smoke to crisp the bacon. Wood selection is a personal choice. I've used oak, hickory, maple, apple & oak/cherry & they have all been good. If you want it ready by 10 & are going to use those temps, I would have it in the smoker at 7 to make sure it is done in time. One last thing - If you need to feed 13 people you will want to make more than one or you risk facing a riot  biggrin.gif

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the search bar up top can be your best friend...


with fatties you can stuff it with about anything...just don't over fill it

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Since a Pictures worth a Thousand Words, here is a whole Bank Vaults worth...JJ

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You owe it to yourself to try this one out

I've done it a couple of times and also used it in a class I taught last month

It's a real winner

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can't go wrong with chili cheese coney fatties... a few of my favorite fattie posts


and my own first.gif


Can't go wrong with fatties. make sure you roll them up tight and all will be good, don't want any goodness leaks! 

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smoked ring fattie will be the cause. Q-views tomorrow.
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