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Trimming Pork shoulder

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Is there a need to trim some of the fat off or a pork shoulder. That is one thick fat layer with skin.

it doesn't seem like rub would get through to the meat.

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The skin should be removed and I only mess with trimming fat if it is more than 1/2" thick. Remove the fat and Smoke the skin, it can be used to flavor a variety of soups and beans, made into Cracklin's or the Dog will love you for the treat...JJ

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I leave the fat cap on and smoke with it facing up. If you want to trim it you certainly can.
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I try to trim as much fat as I can off of my shoulders.  There is plenty of fat inside that will have to  render as well.  I usually get compliments from people that are eating my PP for the first time about how there's not a lot of fat in it.  I don't think I ever recall anyone complaining about it.  Besides that way you can get more rub close to the meat.


I also usually pick out any fat chunks that I come across when I am pulling it too. I also take the the juice from the foil and dump it into grease separator to remove the as much grease and fat as I can before pouring it back on after I pull it.


Hope this helps

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