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Entering another competition :)

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I recently joined a group called The Pepper Lovers Club.  Its a non-profit group that helps people pay for vet bills they can't afford.  The thing we have in common is peppers & cooking.  So every month at the meetings there is a theme & that was wings & salsa this month.  I brought wings & was told whatever I brought would be judged.  Well I don't think I got a single vote but there could have been some confusion.  I didn't have time to smoke mine & make my own chipotle sauce for that entry.  I do know mine were the meatiest & tender of all of them.  The ones that won the wings & salsa competition had incredibly hot/like on fire entries. 


So this Saturday the president of the pepper club is also in a home brew beer club & having an annual bash down at her waterfront home.  So the beer people are gonna have the beer contest (did I join the wrong group?) & we are having BBQ contest.  Any BBQ.  I was thinking about making pulled pork sliders with home made hot pickles & pickled peppers with a chipotle finishing sauce.  I did smoke up a pile of red jalapenos the other day & made a butt kickin sauce that I can use instead of store bought.  I got that recipe on the site I think & its always a favorite.


I tweaked it a lil.....


1 cup ketchup

1/2 cup store bought chipotle sauce

3 tbs brown sugar

1 cup cider vinegar

2 tbs mustard.

1 tsp garlic powder   use fresh if you have it

tsp onion powder        "      "    "    "     "



That is considered hot by my friends & some like it that way.  For sissies I cut the chipotle to 1/4 & add 1/4 cup ketchup & that is very popular.  So now I have an idea where the palette is in my group I will use my home made sauce which will live in your mouth rent free for 5 minutes but you can still talk. 


Anyway sorry for babblin just having fun smoking, growing stuff in the garden & eating it!

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Sounds tasty


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