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I didn't even realize that they finally change the design I just received mine on August 10th and ordered it on July 26th from Lowes.should I just call Weber and explain this to them how did you handle the situation and do I need to have this registered first with Weber or just my receipt?
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If you haven't used it yet, you could call them. I called and explained that online showed the new version before I ordered mine, so I would like to get the new version.

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Originally Posted by JIRodriguez View Post

Personally in my 4 or so years of smoking with my 22.5" WSM, I have never had to lift the body off in mid smoke. If I add charcoal (only happens on really cold winter days), I just get a full chimney about half lit, then use the door as a shoot and dump the chimney in. To add water to the pan, get a watering can with a long spout (the plastic ones work great), fill it with hot water, open the door and pour the water into the water pan.


Like the other poster mentioned, dropping a fully loaded middle section full of meat and HOT water is a great way to rune your day..... but the dogs would be really, really happy!

I have never had to lift my center section hot either, but the handles would sure be nice since I switched to sand. It is pretty heavy to lift by gripping the top of it.

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