Bradley rack

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Will the Bradley rack on Amazon fit my MES 30?

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Amazon lists Bradley racks as 13 X 11. Measure yours and see...JJ

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Did you ever figure out if the bradley rack fits in the MES 30?  I'd like to know.

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The Bradley rack does not fit in the MES.  The MES is about a half inch too narrow.

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I went ahead and ordered them.  They require a slight modification, however.  I tried to post pic but cannot.  Here's what I did.

With pliers bend the ends upward where the rack joins the frame.  Move outward about a half inch and bend downward to level. This shortened the rack and it fits perfectly.  

Bradley racks are the way to go.



I finally got the pic in.  Even a blind hog can find an acorn sometimes.

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I bought some Bradley racks from Amazon. I got the pliers out and bent them to fit. In this post near the bottom is my pics of the rack bend.