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Beer Can Chicken

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My first beer can chicken on the el cheapo brinkman with some mods. turned out wonderfully. potatoes turned out excellent too.

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Great color! Congrats
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Looks great!!! Nothing beats a good beer can bird!!drool.gifcheers.gif

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Looks good from here, Kudos on the Firsticon_exclaim.gif


Now get all experimental and try different idesa... fun with Chicken , cheaper and then you can move up to a bigger Beast.biggrin.gif


Have fun and . . .

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Lookin good did you use a rub?
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yes I did, just your typical rub is all I used turned out so juicy. smoked about 4 hours.

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Yea looks good, I havent made a beer can chicken in awhile i've been spatch cockin them
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