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Brine and rub?

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I didn't see this addressed so thought I'd ask. Doing 2 pork loins, the Costco ones that come 2 to a pack...couple pounds each. Brined overnight in apple and white grape juice. Wrapping one in bacon due to the lack of fat, and bacon is the king!

The question is...rubs traditionally have a moderate salt content; if I use rub on one, the moisture added by the brine will be drawn out by the salt. Would it be better to add the rub just before it goes into the MES30 (235* for 2 hrs, IT140* is the plan) as opposed to letting the rub sit on the meat for an hour? Thanks for the time!

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Yes, put the rub on right before going in the smoker. There is enough moisture from the brine you would be ok either way.

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