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UDS pics

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Can we start a thread of pics only? kinda hard to go through all the post to see a few different builds.

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Happy smoken.


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Wudy, morning.....  I did a search for UDS....  opened that..... on the left is "images".....   here is that link....

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This is a Big Poppa Drum kit.  Smokes grills and sears


It has great temp control but I hooked up an IQ to use on some low and slow cooks/all nighters


This shows the searing level for the charcoal basket

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here is mine.. I just finished some other mods today... 

add the AMNPS Pops Mailbox addition.. Love it so far...



getting plenty of smoke...


slapped a fresh coat of paint,.. I also added some more vents to see if I can get a higher temp if I want. 

Prior to today, I only had 3 ---- 3/4 nipples evenly around the bottom, one had a ball valve, the other two had caps..with just those three I could only get a high temp about 275*

I have found thanks to those guys about this post, a little higher temps are much better for chickens and such..., so I made some changes to the vents


2  -- 1" nipples with caps, and one of the other 3/4 hole I added another ball valve..


So, I now have Four vents

2  1" nipples with caps

2  3/4'' nipples with ball valves....

Im giving it a run right now and I got 300* after half of chimney lit charcoal after about 30 mins in the UDS... I think that got it. THanks BTW Keith :):)

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Looks good Mike, you'll get that drum upwards North of 375 with lump
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Thanks Dave

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