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18.5 WSM & IQ 110?

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Hello all!

I just purchased my new 18.5 WSM as an upgrade from a Brinkmann S&G. I really did not enjoy the temperature issues with this unit, but otherwise it smoked some good que when I got the temperature right. I know that the WSM is supposed to maintain the temps I will be using, 225-250, really well. That being said, I still went ahead and purchased an IQ 110 to go with it, just to make it easier. I plan to also get into some competition cooking, so I figured this was a better way to maintain temps.

I know this has probably been talked about many times, but I would like to see if anyone is currently using this, or a similar set up?

How is it?

Has the WSM held temps for you without a controller?

Will I enjoy the controller with longer cooks?

Thanks in advance!




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I understand that they have a break in period until the shiny coating inside gets some smoke on it. I've been thinking of buying one lately and have been reading how well WSMs hold temps.

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I have a 22" WSM and used to have an iQ but sold it. I don't do comps - I am a backyard weekend warrior so precision is not my goal - enjoyment is. Having said that, I've found that I can hold temps within a 15* range naturally aspirated with lump charcoal and a clay saucer (no water). I really enjoy the cooks where I may make one or two vent adjustments and that's it. The WSM, once seasoned, is rock solid.

Now the iQ. I did not enjoy cooking with it because I was thinking it was going to hold temps within a few degrees of the set point. Mine did not. I mean it worked fine but I was always stressed that it was not spot on. I don't do this for the stress and as stated earlier I don't do comps.

Good luck to you in your comps. I look forward to seeing you photos.
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