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More Salmon!

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Had to make some more Salmon jerky today for my wife's company fishing trek this next weekend.

Being brined

Air drying before smoking

Finished product


So while I was busy making jerky for her, she was busy out on the Pacific today replenishing our inventory, catching not 1, not 2, but 3 of these Salmon hogs:

Bobby the deck hand holding her pool winning fish. The guy in the background thinking to himself "Humph! How come she gets all the fish?"

Wife holding her 2nd fish with Sean the skipper:

Since she can only bring home 2 fish, the 3rd fish was given to her fishing buddy who didn't get a bite today. It's called good karma.
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That looks wonderful. Great food, great Qview, great thread.



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Wow, nice haul. Beautiful salmon.

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Fresh kings nuttin better except more fresh kings.... congrats

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