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Saturday Eve Ribs w/QView

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Got the urge around noon to smoke up some baby back ribs today.

Took the membrane off and rubbed with yellow mustard along with my favorite dry rub.

Used Kingsford blue bag charcoal and a mix of apple splits and hickory chips.

As a side I opened a can of bush's baked beans and put in a foil pan with a touch extra bbq sauce and brown sugar. I placed that on a 2nd rack under the ribs to catch the drippings to season the beans.

I foiled and used brown sugar, honey, and parkay butter.

Here are the pics I took to share with you:

And in honor of the college football season starting up:

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Nice job on your ribs, very nice supper!!!!



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You did not let them sit for hours with the rub? What does sitting actually do to help any way. It was my understanding that resting with the rub for 4 hours allowed the flavor to get into the meat deeper. Did it matter? 

From where I am sitting, it looks like it was delicious. Good job

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i use to let the rub sit for 4-6 hours but after one time i ran out of time , put the rub on and right on the smoker , there was no difference in  taste so now i "rub and smoke" no wait time BUT you do have to take the membrane or as its called " silver skin" off the back of the ribs

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looks awesome man, how long did you cook out of foil and then in foil? im new and would love to smoke some ribs! 

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Smoked at 250 for 2 hours then foil for an hour then back on the smoker for 30 min
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