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Hey guys how is everyone today (or whenever you see this).

A few of my coworkers have complaining that I don't ever invite them over when I cook. So to fix that problem I plan to do up some pulled pork, some baby backs all my store had left😒, and some chicken.

I have a general idea on what to do with all as I smoked all these meats by themselves, but any tips or tricks are greatly appreciated.

My plan is to start the pork later on this afternoon since the BBQ is like more than 24 hours away. I'm gonna try and aim for it being done around 1 or 2 am. Then I'm going to do the ribs and in the morning so everything is done around 6 pm Sunday evening.

Ill edit this post with updates of qview through out this process.

My pork shoulder came in at about 8lbs. Rubbed with a mix of paprika, sugar, and onion powder.

About 5 - 6 hours in

I had to pull it because of a sudden monsoon 😒 gotta love Arizona for that. It was 195 in several parts so ill just finish in it the oven, plus the bone slid right out.
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Sounds like a plan. If you have room you could do the ribs and butt at the same time. then have the chicken on the smoker when the guest arrive. What are you smoking on? Shoot for 225°-240°

 Happy smoken,


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Good plan , I enjoy Butt and do a lot of it...



A LOT of it ...




I like my Ribs , too...




and do al lot of them , too




Save your trimmings for flavoring Beans , Soup , anything ; or they are very good eating , just some Grissle in them...biggrin.gif


Just don't let "Chicken" juice drip on any other meat , do it seperately or "below" other meats.


Have fun and . . .

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Dave I'm going to aim for 235 and the wood I'm going to be using is hickory and pecan and some left apple wood chips I have.
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If you want crispy skin either smoke them at a higher temp or finish on the grill, Have fun sounds like you have it covered

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Thanks guys for all the advice.
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