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Two butts on the drum q-view & Pulled Pork Enchiladas

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I own several drums and they can take a beating.  My favor tie to cook on is an old rusty one it was the first one I ever built and it keeps temp like a champ...proof positive that you do not need a $10,000 rig to produce good cue this old ugly drum has one me several trophies in the past/



One thing I have noticed about drums and pork butts is they cook butts a little faster than my stick burner so these two 8 ponders should be done in about 8 hours.


The wife loves her bark so we added a Lotte extra brown sager before we threw these two on today. We trim as much of the fat as we can off of out butts and slather them in mustard.  We then rub them down and wrap in plastic wrap and place in the fridge overnight.  I usually want to serve around 6PM so I try to get my fire ready by 7AM I know this can push it if I hit a big stall but for some reason my butts never seem to stall in the drum.  I am thinking they will be done around 4 and will sit in the cooler for a couple of hours.  Now that I have said this they will stall and dinner won't be until 9 but that is no big deal.  I do plan to wrap them at around 165-170 or when the color of the bark is what momma says is good to to.  I only smoke pork with pecan.




I am now about three hours in I don't know the internal temp yet but I am not worried I will probe at about 4.5 hours and will have a better idea of the temp then.  Notice the brown sugar will put that bark on the butt fast you have to be careful because sugar will burn and if you have someone who does not like that bark (disown them) they will not en jot it.  I only put this much sugar when cooking for the family because I know what they like.  





At this point I will also spritz with just plain ol apple juice once an hour.  I also sometime use the magic blue bottle at this point as well if they are looking particularly dry.

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Looks great so far.  Love the color on that meat.



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They are looking good, nice color so far

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Nice. Color makes a difference in Presentation , I like that Mahogany look cool.gif.


Have fun and . . .

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Time for some foil these are coming along just nice I am thinking they will be done a little faster than I first hought they are sitting at 17-175 right now.



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ECTO, morning......  I see you haven't forgot how to cook......  Darn those look good....     



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Just pulled them off the pit like I said these drums seem to cook butts faster two 8 ponders to 200 degrees in just under 8 hours.  5.5 on the smoke and 2.5 in the foil.  Now they are sitting in a cooler waiting for 6:30 to roll around. 

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Lookin' Awesome!!!
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It was a late night last night all I remember was a party broke out at my house and two empty bottles of Vodka and 2 cases of beer later these were on my camera.








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Lots of great lookin' food...    What about the pics of the empties ??   

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Nope you sure don't need a 10 K rig for good Q.. In fact I can't imagine a better machine for bbq than a drum can turn out.
Fantastic looking chow!
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More Q-View to come wife is making Pulled Pork Enchiladas tonight....drool.gif

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Took the pulled pork and added some rotel and tomato sauce after they saw a blender. 



Colby Jack Cheese



Homemade Enchilada Sauce....



Start the process...



Roll them up...



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oh wow!
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Damn nice food, good job.

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