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Question on Minion Method in my particular smoker

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Hey gang,


We have company coming on Friday, and have planned a large smoke for Saturday.

I have done 3 smokes so far. Using the minion method, have had mixed results. I am using Kingsford, along with hickory chunks.


Now, I am sure part of my problem, is the fire grate in the fire box, on my OKJ Longhorn offset, is kind of small and sits kind of low - does not take a lot of ash buildup to choke it from the bottom.


I ordered a charcoal basket and convection plate from Horizon couple of months ago, does not look like I will have by the weekend.  And I do not have time to do much myself as I travel for a living.


Any tips to help on the minion method? I had great results on one of the smokes, got like 3 hours or so before having to add and temp stayed good, the other two it ate charcoal like crazy.


Any tips appreciated,

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Pictures would help, so we know what's going on now....  Possibly bolts in the bottom of the basket to raise it up higher...    Dave

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Bolts sound like might be a good idea, I will check that out - thanks.

I am currently out of town, will try and get some pics when I get back.



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Go to Lowe's and get a bag of Stubb's all natural briquettes. Much less ash and very long, consistent burn times. I've gotten ridiculous burn times out of Stubb's.

If you can't find a good all natural briquette, go with lump. It'll burn hotter but not as long, and with even less ash. Raising your grate is a good idea as well. If you can't manage the nut/bolt mod to raise it, some strategically placed balls of aluminum foil will do the trick.

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Thanks - I was by a Wal-Mart this week in my travels, they had the large bags of Kingsford on sale for 10 bucks a bag, so I picked a couple of those up. If I have time when I get back, will try to get by Lowe's and see if they have the Stubbs. Less ash building would certainly help me , at least until I can do something.





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