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Royal Oak Lump

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I usually use Kingsford in my WSM, but wanted to try the lump. Had a difficult time getting it to 225-250 range and keeping it there. It needed constant attention, so I finally added Kingsford to it. Any suggestions?

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Don't put water in the pan.
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Go to another medium like sand.
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Thank you, I bet you hit the nail on the head with the water in the pan.


Thanks a lot.

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I prefer a clay saucer for aflower pot but you get the idea. Water controls the heat by absorbing the energy required to warm it to the boiling point. Without the water more energy is used to heat the air so it can get hotter. I love the cooks where I make 2 adjustments for very stable temps.

Does this help?
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Yes, helps a  lot. I will do this for my next cook.



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I would like a little more info here.


 I almost always use RO lump in my WSM and have done water and sand and have not had any trouble getting to temp if anything if you start too much it can get hot on you  and then you have to shut all of the the vents for a while to get it back down.  where are your vents set, how much did you start with/light.  I only use sand now just for the ease of cleanup, performance verses water (as long as you keep water in the pan) is EXACTLY the same in my WSM.  As Bama stated the water and the other Mass (sand, clay pot, etc) act as calorimeters to help provide a thermal mass to help with consistent temps, and avoid severe temp swings.  Water evaporates thus decreasing mass and the temp can gradually creep up unless you keep the water pan filled.  Some guys may argue that having water will also provide more moisture to your meat.



In fact I only use RO Lump for everything requiring charcoal, briquettes are a thing of the past to me.  IMO Lump burns hotter, longer, and produces much less ash than briquettes.


A few more details would help here

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ive had great luck with it in the ecb and Okie joe
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A little more info.


I started with about a quarter of a 12 lbs bag, used a chimney to get going. I didn't  take notice of the exact time to get up to temp. Just was longer than with the briquets and the temp fluctuated for a good 1.5 hr or more. The vents were all wide open for most of the time. Now. after about 2 hrs or so I was real impressed with RO holding a good temp, but I did add a chimney full of briquets.


Pics, will be added, I smoked 2 meatloafs btw, and had about a third of the bowl filled with warm water, to start.


Again, thanks for the replies. I am not done with RO, I did like the way it held temp, just seemed like a long time, effort, couple hrs. to get there.

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Here are a couple pics




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Looks like the ends justify the means!  Nice looking food!

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