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I'm sorry your delivery was postponed again and again, it hurts because you want to use it right now and now you will wait a little longer until your Yoder arrives at home.  When I first started looking for a Horizon smoker I was shocked that no one had any models I could look at and had no idea when they would get one.  There is a very reputable dealer near Des Moines who handles several brands with Horizon being one of his most popular, we visited at length about when his next shipment would arrive but he made no promises.  I put my name on his list but in the mean time I found a 16" at Bass Pro and grabbed it, glad I did.  The other dealer did eventually call me as they had received a Horizon shipment, about a month late.  It does put everyone in a tough situation especially when you are eager to smoke away!!


I sincerely hope you enjoy your new Yoder and have a ball with it.  During our warmer months I try and do one new recipe a week on the smoker, it's a great hobby -- even my mistakes are still enjoyable.  Keep us posted on your progress!!