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Been paying between 2.59 and 3.29 a lb. for them at the Chinese grocery store here in Missouri. Have a local butcher getting me a #40 case right now for 2.79 lb. but I can handle that amount and more.  Seems like some of the prices in this thread are way out of line. The price of bellies go up and down daily as they are a commodity that's traded on the stock market daily.

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I believe that they quit trading on pork bellies a couple a years back, didn't they? I remember laughing when they added the porkbellies to the futures market.

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Not sure but the price fluctuates quite a bit.  Something else I have been buying , curing , and smoking along with my bacons are hocks that I've been getting at the Chinese grocery also! Added them to my red beans and rice last week and they were awesome!!

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Hard to find fresh nocks anywhere any more.

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I was getting ready to cure my pork belly I commented on page one of this thread then saw a sale at Hyvee for bacon @ $2.97/lb.  I couldn't pass that up.  Looks like I'll have to postpone it for a month till I use up the store bought bacon.


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