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If they are going to sit for more then an hour or so. I would pull them at 195 and allow the carryover cooking do the rest.

Jimmy you are losing your touch. It is 300 not 250..... ;)
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For those non-pros among us, you can find a big enough spatula to lift a butt off the grates if you look hard enough.


Also, calibrating your probe is a probably a good idea to ensure it's accurate.  Water boils at 212 F at sea level.  The boiling point changes with altitude, so if you're very far above sea level check on that.  I think it's about 208 at my elevation (~4600 FASL).

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Do any of you trim off any of the fat?
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If it is more then 1/2" thick I will trim some, but for the most part no trimming here......
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Awesome! Here is a little teaser for you all tonight! :-). Thanks for all the help! I will be up bright and early starting these and will keep you all posted. I have two more that look just like this.
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So I am 4 hrs into the smoke and the highest temp. I can achieve in my MES with the meat in there is 212 degrees. It is set at 275. The probes are in the smaller sized meats and they are reading 142 degrees at the momement. I have 4 8lb Boston butts in there. Not very happy with the temp situation.
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142 in 4 hours is not bad. If you have a water pan remove it, thermometers might not be calibrated and don't open the door. Loss a lot of heat. Just a few thoughts.... JB
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Have a new maverick dual thermometer. Did the boil water check on it and it was near perfect. Tested the MES with nothing in it and it easily got up to 250. Just frustrating.
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142 is good. I would remove the water from the pan as well. Are you relying on the stock therm for the cook chamber temp? If so I would make sure I had a secondary way of reading my cook chamber temps........
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No I have the maverick thermometer with the food probe and chamber probe. This is what I am going by. The smoker is set to 275. I have the probe between the two top shelves that the meat is sitting on.

6 hrs in and I am at 160 IT. Going to foil at 165.
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You're coming along nicely.  Are you still having issues getting cooking temps up?  I typically have a harder time keeping temps higher on the front end of a smoke, especially when I have a large mass I'm cooking.


But the first part of my cook happens in the middle of the night, and I burn charcoal.  So it's not an apples-to-apples comparison.  But if you've put 30+ lbs of cold pork in their, that could pose issues on bringing your temps up where you want them, I'd think.

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I agree with pulling the Water Pan. I know the factory says to leave it in but I have more frequently than not taken it out over the last 2 years with no ill effect. I do use a drip pan to keep grease from dripping directly on the smoke box and heat supply...Fire BAD! At 212*F you will have a difficult aka, time consuming, time getting to an IT of 200*F. I suggest finishing, foiled, in the Oven at 250-300*F. It will be done much more quickly...JJ

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Thanks guys! The temp finally came up to 225 once I foiled and put them in aluminum pans. I also had the water pan out the whole time. I am 12 hours into it and I have just put two of the in the cooler. Waiting on the other two. They are at 195. Is it okay that I put it in the cooler still in the pan with the juice in it?
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Yes you can put it in the cooler with pan and juices. I pull my pork at in my world the others are done......
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Looks good!

Now I have to make some........
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