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New to me Cook Shack

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So a friend of my grandma's found out I like to do a lot of smoking.  So he decided he was going to give me one of his old smokers.  He said it's electric and works pretty good but you can have it... So I said ok, thanks... I went and picked it up and I had never seen one before so I looked it up online and it looks like a pretty nice smoker!  It is heavy and appears to seal nice!  I will have to fire it up this weekend to try it out.  But was wondering if any on here have any experience with them or not?  I think it's the smallest one they make.  It's at home so I don't have the exact model with me, but it looks like this:   just a lil older... 

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Nice gift, and a good friend too icon14.gif.


Hold on tight and there will be some Cookshack owners on in a bit.


Have fun and . . .

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You will get a lot of good Q out of that smoker. Cookshack makes a very fine smoker.  This style unit uses very little wood; a couple of ounces of chunk is all it takes for the entire smoke.



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I found a Smokette on CL early last year for $50-60 (can't remember exactly).  You'll like it.  It does seal very well and doesn't need water pans etc.


You can download the manual at the Cookshack site.


If there is a drawback to the Smokette it is that it seals so tight that getting anything resembling a crisp bark is tough.  If I want a bark I toss the Q into the over for bit.


It is pretty heavy for its size but is compact and tough enough to make a great road trip smoker.  We collect military vehicles and ours has been to several shows and off road rallys.  It's pretty nice to set it up, toss in some critter parts and go enjoy the event.



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