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never tried the pimento wood... but thats aobut the third time I heard it with the jerk talk. Im a mesquite guy being from texas its FREE.. and I know its strong smoke flavor, but since I dont have a woodburner smoker, I can regulate how much said wood gets burned.. Ill keep an eye out for pimento. when I think of pimento, for some reason I think of like a nice subtle smoke like advocado.... 

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I have a buddy from Jamaica and he says smoked jerk chicken with the pimento wood can't be beat. I tried to get a recipe from him but that's like getting my grandmas tomato sauce recipe haha. Pimento is what the Jamaicans call all-spice so my assumption is that it's a milder smoke than say mesquite, but probably very distinctive. Out here I can only get what's available at Home Depot and Walmart as far as wood is concerned so if I can't find the pimento, I might just have to settle for mesquite or hickory and just pretend its the real deal haha
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You can sprinkle allspice berries over your coals or there is pimento wood online BUT it's spendy. 50/50 cherry and hickory is good.
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