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Pre smoked non pre cooked ham

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Like the title says, I need any info on pre smoked but non cooked hams. I have read posts until my eyes are ready to bleed and can't seem to find info on store bought hams that are not pre cooked. My ham says it's smoked and cured but needs to cook until 160 degrees. It's bone in and about 8 pounds. Any suggestions on time, temp, glaze, chips ect would be greatly appreciated.
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Are you going to cook it in your smoker?

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Yeah kind of left that info off didn't I? Mes 40 smoking recommendations please
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The ham is already pre-cooked.. your chances of finding a ham that's not cooked yet is close to none... the reason to cook it until IT is 165` is safety reasons... to kill anything that might be lurking....
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Ok well it confused me because most posts say cook to 140 for pre cooked and the package says 160. Also other hams at this grocery store say pre cooked on the label, but not this one. I just wanted to be safe. So I guess I'll go with some of the pre cooked posts and cook to 160 IT to be safe.
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although nowadays they say 140` is acceptable for pork.... I always take mine to about 150`
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Just a thought , try a small Butcher Shop, you'll get anything you want and info. toobiggrin.gif

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Their are hams that have not been cooked all the way threw. You will need to cook it all the way. 140°-160°  It would not be a ready to eat ham.

Happy smoken.


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Some notes I have:


Ham - Cooked / Uncooked

Fully Cooked Ham - A ham that has been thoroughly heated during some part of the processing to a temperature exceeding 147° F, making it ready to eat without further cooking. These hams are found labeled "Fully Cooked," "Ready to Eat," or "Heat and Serve." They may be eaten right out of the package or they can be warmed to an internal temperature of 140° F to provide a richer flavor.

Pre-Cooked Ham - A ham that has been heated during some part of the processing to an internal temperature exceeding 137°F but less than 148° F. Most commercially processed hams are heated to a temperature of 140° F. Temperatures reaching 137° F will kill the trichina parasite. A partially cooked ham still requires additional cooking prior to eating. It must be heated to an internal temperature of 160° F.

Uncooked Ham - A ham that had not reached an internal temperature exceeding 137° F during processing. Uncooked hams are generally dry-cured hams, although dry-cured hams are also available fully cooked. An uncooked ham requires more preparation time and cooking time than a partially or fully cooked ham.

A Fresh Picnic Ham is a raw ham. When smoking, curing is not needed. Shoot for 175 to 180º internal. Use recipe found in the Cookin Cajun Water smoker book. Page 57
This temp if for WELL done, I would pull it at 150º.

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Well it sounds like I have the pre cooked ham. I'll shoot for 160 and try some recipe's on the forum
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