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Oaklahoma Joe

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After ten years I retired my old Brinkman and got an Oklahoma Joe.




smoker assembly.jpg 2,760k .jpg file







High heat gasket material.jpg 2,623k .jpg file





Firebasket mod.jpg 2,686k .jpg file





First smoke .jpg 3,645k .jpg file





First Brisket on new smoker.jpg 3,032k .jpg file
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Your going to love it!

Happy smoken.


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I really enjoy mine. You will love this smoker.

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I very quickly learned that I don't need as much wood. I set up the initial burn with a lot of wood and charcoal so I would not have to tend it. For my first smoke I put in the usual amount of lump charcoal and after getting everything going it was too much. I had to leave the fire box open for almost an hour to let everything burn down. I only added two logs during the whole smoke. This holds heat a lot better than the brinkman.

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