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My New RF Smoker....its a Beast!

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Long time Lurker First time poster..Just wanted to show off my baby!!  Gonna  do some catering in NE and give some Great  BBQ ! all made out of 1/4 plate ... The Firebox has 2 layers of steel with 2400 temp insulation in between ..Main chamber racks (2) are 5ft x 3ft capable of handling 2 whole hogs 250lb each ...the vertical smoker/warmer (depending on if the flute  between the firebox and vertical is open or closed) (3) racks are 3ft x cooking space is 48sq ft i think =)... all mounted on a bobcat trailer with space to mount a 3 bay sink , hand washing sink, hot water system and a fridge ......whats nice is i have a plate to close off the main chamber so at home  or for smaller functions i can just use the vertical ..the frame for the roof is heavy duty with awning that folds down to be a half wall that i can advertise on...not sure what to do with the rooftop yet.   I threw in a couple Butts, ribs , chicken and sausage(i put hooks in top of vertical smoker to hang sausage)..smoker smokes like a locomotive!!!




















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That is a beast of a smoker!
I see this is your first post here so when you get a minute would you swing by "Roll Call" and introduce yourself so we can give you a proper SMF Welcome, Thanks!
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That's a dandy, and welcome to SMF!  Be sure and stop in at the roll call section and introduce yourself.  Don't forget to update your profile with a general area where you are located so your BBQ Brothers can see if you are in their neck of the woods.


looking forward to some Qview

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