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why wouldnt you use lead free solder like you use when sweating water lines?

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That didnt occur to me. Staring ocer
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Thanks for the writeup, smoked some cheese this weekend
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This looks great. I just built one too, but was having trouble getting the smoke to work once I put a hose on the output end. thought it was too much back pressure created. But by looking at your and the pump you are using, I think my issue is not having a good enough seal in my in the burning unit. Thanks for the pics. 

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dcarch has a pretty advanced unit. not something just anybody is going to toss together

i have done the gauntlet of smoke gens and have settled with the mailbox mod with 2 AMNPS units in it. i have a large freezer build and do cold smoke bacon, sausage, butts... pretty much anything. i use 2 AMNPS units so i can have good smoke for 11 plus hours and not worry about baby sitting. i also used a cheap turkey roaster as there are no mail boxes available here where i live.

its all trial and error.

my 1st smoke gen was the venturi with the aquarium pump. would work for a few hours but after some creosote build up the chips, or sawdust wouldnt fall down. also the smoke pipe into the smoker would creosote up quite badley and needed cleaning regularly after long smokes.

even the smoke daddy talks about this problem and about the regular cleaning.


good luck

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I have been wanting to make one of these for a bit and finally got the parts together so here it is.



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Looks good. Nice flow of smoke. Mine puts out too much. I have not tried to use it in some time, been busy at work.
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Very interesting and great job !

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