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Bill, if ya dont mind me askin how old are ya? I was born n raised in Rochester Hills back when it was still pretty much corn fields n woods amd called Avon Twp.. My best friend was born n raised in Ferndale/Pleasent Ridge. Got a few good friends from that area.


I am 47, I graduated from Ferndale HS in 84. I moved to RH in 93. 

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I'm 42, the guys I know woulda come up after you.
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I would love to go!  But....heading back to Germany on that Sunday....:th_crybaby2:



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What were thee names Scott? You can PM yhem if you want. I knew a lot of people from there. My sister is 42 and knows a ton of peeps from there as well. Most of PR went to my church.
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The Bensons...Nelsons...Kielor...Geery....Parton
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Next time I'm heading to broadway I'll let you know Bill.

You been to Martins in Nolensville? By far and away the best pulled pork I've ever had. Have to go on the weekend though because they used whole hog for the PP. They were opening a spot in Nashville sometime in October (right after we left). I've eaten there 3 times in the last two years, and wish it could be more.

The old boys bbqing in parking lots are already good, but have dried up around here the past decade. We have legit bbq spots now, and honestly the best St. Louis ribs I've ever had are from a spot in Shelby township michigan believe it or not. Lol! And I've had some damn good kentucky and Tennessee ribs!
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