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what type

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It's been a busy morning !! I have done a lot of research on smokers. I have to decide what type to get the master built analog electric or the digital one. I live in a apartment building and thought a electric would be best . Just have to decide

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A lot of apartments won't allow gas or wood. My MES 40 works great for me. Look for a 1st generation.

Happy smoken.


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Thank you for the reply. I can have propane but I'm thinking electric would be easier to control . the main thing i'm going to be using it for Jerky and Fish and pepperettes

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WD, morning.....  I think electric is better for smoking and drying out things like jerky, fish and peppers....   Propane, nat. gas and even wood emits water during the combustion process....   No moisture with elec. ...



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