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Veggies on the grill.

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I've been doing a lot of veggies on the grill as sides lately.  Reinhard

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Are those grape tomatoes or little red potatoes? Everything looks very good!

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Look like grape 'maters from my angle!  Looks nice!



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Very nice!
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Those are grape tomatoes.  Thanks. Reinhard

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Looks GREAT! I like grilled veggies.

Happy smoken.


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Love doing veggies in the smoker and on the grill!!!
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Thanks everyone.  Doing some more today.  I marinate them in olive oil, balsamic vinigar, thyme, basil, garlic, and a little salt and pepper. Having chuck eyes with them today.  Reinhard

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I have a 4 rack Bradley which I enjoy but I'm wondering about the quality of the bbq they have, does anybody own one ?
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Looks fantastic, I prefer first to marinate veggies in olive oil, dash of herbs and a bit of vinegar and then grill them, my favorite is of course grilled asparagus, simple, fast and delicious.

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That looks great, send some my way plz biggrin.gif

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These veggies looks fantastic. I really like grilled ans smoked veggies. 

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look good 2 me :-)

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