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Is 2 year old lang 84" dlx worth $5000

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I was looking to get a 60 inch dlx and that is about $4800 + delivery to CA and found the same thing in an 84 but used.  And if I but it how well do they hold there value if I were to sell it again.


Thanks for any information Bruce

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I don't know how well they hold their value but look at it this way. The 60 will be used as soon as you get it. So your now compairing the same used smokers. What does a 84 cost new?

Happy smoken.


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As always, the condition of the used is paramount.Can you inspect the used 84 in person?

And as mule69 asked, what's the price of a new one.

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The 84 Deluxe is $5195 plus shipping whatever that may be to your location according to their website. My question when I bought my Lang was not what could I resell it for but instead how long would it last and I believe it will out live me

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Thanks for the replies.  I thought that the molel that he has was about $5995 it is the 84 dlx with the char grill.  I guess I just wanted to know how well they hold there value just incase I need to upgrade someday or sell to help put a kid through college.  And is that a good deal  or not.  I can go look at it, the picture I saw looks great but I would definetly look it over good.

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Sorry I didn't see where you said it had the char griller that one does go for $5995 plus shipping

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Don't know much about Lang cookers, but they do look nice.  If you are in CA and the new unit will be shipped from GA, then the shipping would be significant.  If the used 84 is close by, there could be a big cost savings.

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