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Another beer can chicken with Q-View

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Did 2 hours on the smoker at 250-275 (as hot as my little offset will get), then in the house to finish at 325. While on the smoker, I did mostly lump charcoal with just a little mesquite chips throughout.


Cheap beer in the rear, McCormick rub.  



Turned out absolutely perfect. I've never been able to seperate a chicken so perfectly either. A really great experience. 

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Looks great! Enjoy. Doing mine tomorrow (in the brine now, dry rub ready, injection liquid ready).

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Dwayner, nice looking Bird drool.gif .


 If you're having problems getting above 275*F , try a 'Spatchcocked' Chicken.


You'll stay with-in the 40*F to 145*F in 4 hr. time and be safe ; crispyer skin icon_question.gif You could put it on a "Gas Grill" or as you did, in the Oven. Nothing wrong with that... as long as the Folks you serve are happy biggrin.gif , that's the main thing.


Have fun and as always . . .

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Ready to go (brined, injected, rubbed).


Ready for the BGE


In We Go                                      


BGE smokin at 300*


No, you're not gettin any.



We're done (2 1/2 hours).


Now the Weber Kettle is Ready for Lamb


One boneless leg of lamb halfway done


Lamb a beautiful medium rare.

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hijack2.gif  ^^^^^^^hijack.gif

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