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Nice looking Bird there , Hotsaucedrool.gif .

I enjoyed the "comparison" cook . Helps hone your skills and gain confidence biggrin.gif.

(suggestion): Keep a log of your cooks , a good 'learning curve' -leveler- and a great (idea) record of new techniques or suggestions.

If you have not tried Brining and want more flavors in the 'flesh' , you should.  There's a big discussion about Brining v/s not Brining and would do you right to read through some of the "techniques" in the "Search Tool" at the top of each page.


Glad the Family enjoyed your efforts.Keep on keeping on and enjoy your 'Hobby' and satisfying you "Bunch"biggrin.gif.


A real good post ,icon14.gif , and "Kudo's" to the Wife's Cake pepsi.gif .  Send her recipe in , I like Cake rolleyes.gif .


Have fun and as always . . .

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Good post , Hotsauceicon14.gif , made my mouth water. Love them Brids on the "Throne" biggrin.gif. Yours look great. Try the 165*F /170*F thingy and track your temp. (probe therm.) , you'll see a big diference .


Have fun and...

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Those Birds look Yummy!  Did you use 12oz. or 16oz. beer cans? I just tried 16oz. and could not get them to stand up, spilled beer in my coals.  This is my first attempt at smoking.

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All I can say is WOW! Even though the beer can did not work out I went ahead with out the beer , and this was the best chicken I have ever had! I think I am going to like smoking Meat.

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