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wood vs gas smoker

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I currently have a Chargriller gas charcoal combo that i got at Lowe's two years ago.  I added the side firebox for smoking.  I have had much success in smoking brisket and pork but.  However the brisket cooked for 22 hours, by the time it was ready to eat i was exhausted.  I have been looking at different types of smoker that i don't have to tend to every 15 min.  I like that i can fit a whole brisket on the grate in my current smoker.  A lot of the electric smokers i looked at are a lot smaller and i wouldn't be able to fit it in one piece.  I looked at some gas smokers but thought about adding a burner in the firebox i currently have.  Any suggestions?  I am in southern pa and i usually only get time to dedicate to the smoker in the fall.  I am going to smoke a pork loin tomorrow and that is my first time to use it this year.

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For electric I'd go with a 1st generation MES 40 with a AMNPS

Happy smoken.


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