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I think you are exactly right.  I think I should of kept cooking, they were edible by internal temp, real juicy, but not quite pull off the bone, real close, but did have a little meat sticking to the bone in certain areas.  I cooked them 215-230... mostly holding 228 for about 5 hours.  


The snake method is real simple... I line the outside of the charcoal pan 3/4's of the way around.  I fill to the top of the pan and taper down towards the center, there's probably a 8" hole in the center charcoal free.  I only fill 1/4 of my chimney and get it all white and set in on one end of the circle.   Here's a pic of what's going on in mine now.



This really may seem chaotic, but I put a lot of thought into the lay of the lump.  I don't like a lot of air gaps with bigger chunks, I don't mind a few bigger chunks if I can fill in around them, but if they are too big I smack them with a hammer to make them smaller. 



This really holds temps well.  I do get some variance between 220-240, but it really hangs in 225-230 for the most part. 



Today, things seem to be coming along quite nicely 439.gif  There's a rack below, hope the chicken drippings don't mess anything up.



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3-2-1 if fine for "fall off the bone". Wrapping them will help. Usually you never go by temps for ribs, except maybe those Beef Dino bones.

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Not really after fall off the bone, I'd prefer a bit of snap.  But I totally hear you on temps, I'm just learning.  


I think I'm going to stop probing the meat.  I see it's edible and I fear it's drying out beyond that.  


I'll just wait for the bend test to pass.

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ABT's are great
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yep, the bend test is the key. Those are some really good looking wings. How were they? ABT's looking good too! 

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I have never had better wings and drummies and my company totally agreed, they were awesome.  I brined them with 4 tbls of vinegar, 2 tbls of salt, 1 tbls of garlic and onion powder for five hours and them soaked them in franks and coated them in Alpine Spice.  I only basted them in franks once more and then served them.

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Ribs much better tonight





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Were you able to keep the temps around 230 and how long were the ribs on for? The look really good tonight!
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230 is easy with the snake method,  I had them on about 6 hours tonight. 

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accidental post

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Good dinner tonight!  Brined the chicken, raw sugar/sea salt 2:1, 5 hours.  Spatch Cocked. My favorite + my favorite rub.

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Nailed the ribs tonight!

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Way to go. Those ribs look great. Good job on the mods. They really do make all the difference.
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They do make it nice, I really cooked at 240 most of tonight and they were baby backs, I had em on 6 hours before I was happy.

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Good Smoke on those. Looks like all the way to the bone. I'm about due for some ribs next weekend I think. So what did you do differently?

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I seen no reason my ribs were taking so long, so I raised up the temp to 240.

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Here's a good pic of the snake method - this post covered it:



I found that pic on another site but you don't need words with that pic!


Good luck. I've found that snake method works great for me...although I am

a noob. Seems to be more constant than the regular minion method for me.


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Pork but success, I should of taken a pic of it pulled, but I didn't.  It just fell all over the place when I pulled it off, used a nice finishing sauce and it didn't last long!

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