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Smoked whole venison leg

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This is one of my favorite meats to prepare when I have some friends over. This is a whole hind leg from a small 1 1/2yr old deer (120lb deer) I'll inject flavoring using my Cajun Injector then keep it moist by basting it with the liquid. I put hickory in the smoker box and keep changing the chips when necessary depending on how strong tasting I want it. I don't use the big deer ( the 350 pound giants) for this because I just don't know that many people! This leg is 12 1/2 lbs and I slow cook it for approx 6 hrs.


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looks great!

happy smoken


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Looking good man  thumb1.gif  I smoke a lot of deer for friends & it's always "good eatin"  biggrin.gif

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Yumm!!! That looks really tasty!!!

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Reminds me of the first Very nice job!

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