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For Sale: Chesador Pups have arrived!

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$375 (USD)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
Chesador Pups have arrived!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Well I had 11 fuzzy Chesadors greet us Tuesday! 8 boys and 3 girls...

Pup cost is $375.Deposit to hold your pick is $100; and remainder when the pup is picked up. Pups are in North central Minnesota near Grand Rapids.

I can be reached at via PM or


This is my lab's 3rd litter of this combo and have seen and heard nothing but great things from the previous puppy owners. Very smart and trainable; with outstanding natural talent and ability. Previous pups range from household companions to hunting partners, and even guide dogs. These pups are out of my strong pedigree'd Chocolate Lab Gracie; and my friends Chessie Stud Deke. I can provide references if needed.


Gracie is a dark chocolate Lab. She has a highly trainable mentality; with a no holds bar attitude that is all go! She's great with other dogs, kids, as well as other household pets. Strong and lean 55lbs is her normal working weight. I can provide pedigree if needed.


Deke is a large "masked" or hound colored Chesapeake Bay Retriever. He is Lean and big boned; at a lean 145 lbs. Probably one of the most calm natured chessie's I have every been around. Come game time there is no stopping him from getting to a downed bird for his owners. I can provide pedigree if needed.


Here are some pics of momma Gracie and pups:

Here are pics of the stud Deke:

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Just so you know the links you posted for pics of the puppies for some reason are not working, Good luck with your sale of the puppies and have a great weekend!

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Hi, Do you have any of your puppys left.




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Interested, My wife and I have had 2 Chessies and 1 chesador, all of them great dogs.

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Hey Lizard

Great looking hounds!!!  I have 2 black labs and they're great dogs.  Only 80 pounds, so a Ches that weighs 145 sounds good to me.  You're right, they are very bright, very "people" dogs,  and if you work at it, very trainable.


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If you are interested PM or email the member there are rules against posting phone numbers on the site

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Sorry, I' new to this. How do I address a PM to inquire about the chesadors?

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Up near the top on the right hand side you will see Private Messages click on that then on the left hand side click on Compose New and that will bring up a new message page just fill it out and click on Send

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Thanks. This dummy thought PM meant Post Mail.

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All pups are gone; but planning another litter this fall
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I recently lost my chesador after 12 1/2 years. I know I'll never replace her but I can't see myself owning another breed of dog. I was hoping that you had an upcoming litter or could point me in the right direction of someone else that had pups.



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