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My new smoker maze

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*Real good SMOKE got a bag of pellets at Lowe's its a blend $20.00 for 20 lbs i said no to the wife thats to high but she rules lol





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Nice, now for the wait.... popcorn.gif


Remember to let it set a while , vac- sealed and enjoy...

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Yea this is for afriend can't wait to try the new pellets smoke

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what kind of pellets or flavor was in the bag?? I have bought a few and not turned out to bad.

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There is Apple Hickory Maple Mesquite Alder and Amber I smoked some cheese i guess i better taste it hope it taste as good as it smelled hold on well i guess i made that batch for someone else so the pecan will have to do and it is good

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Pecan is great on cheese.

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pecan is great for most, apple & pecan is what i use for most of my cheese. is this mix typically available at Lowes?



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Yes it is alway there when we go

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Great Thanks! i will look for it next trip into town.


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