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First Smoked Pork Loin

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First time at smoking anything. Started with a 5 lb pork loin, soaked in brine overnight. Butterflied and stuffed with boudin and sharp cheddar cheese.

Wrapped in bacon and on my MES 30 at 230F with some hickory chips

3 hrs later thermo showed an IT of 145F. Wrapped in foil and towel and into the ice chest for a 30 min rest. Cut into it and man was it good. Very happy with my first smoking experience. The kiddos and wife also gave it a thumbs up!
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That looks great!

Happy smoken.


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What an excellent first smoke.

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Hey, you been to this Rodeo before haven't youicon_question.gif Good looking Loin.


Keep up the good Smokes . . .biggrin.gif and as always ...

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Thanks everyone. Never smoked anything, until I ran across this forum about a month ago and started reading and thought I'd like to try this. So thanks to all the members for sharing their knowledge with a newbie.
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This is your first smoke? Seriously? Coalpusher you're are off to a great start! Wowzers.  Well done! 

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Nice job coalpusher....looks mighty tasty!

Y'now... you can make Canadian bacon out of that same cut of meat, if ya cure it for about a week in the fridge before you smoke it! Just sayin'!

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Shoulda known, he's a Cajun. They are naturals... Love that Creole food.

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Ahhh  Cajun.  That explains it Stan.  It's in the gene pool. Probably a cousin of FoamHeart.  LOL  Some folks are just born with it I guess. B

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Great job on the loin!  thumb1.gif   It sure looks good from here!  drool.gif

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I don't know about being a natural but growing up "down da buya" in Louisiana you definitely pick up a few cooking tips. I'm gonna chalk this one up as beginners luck. Thanks to SMF, YouTube and beginners luck!
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