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The start of an Epic Smoking Adventure

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Hello all,


Here is what I have going down within the next 48 hours. I'm throwing a bday party for my son. I have about 60 people showing up. 40 adults, 20 kids.


Here is my menu....


6 Pork Butts ranging from 3.5-5 lbs. Already rubbed and in frig. Pork will be PULLED!

9 Slabs of pork spare ribs

Rib tips from trimming up spare ribs.

4 - Whole Chickens injected and rubbed

12 Chicken thighs injected and rubbed

14 lbs of kielbasa (two different kinds from Polish market)



The party is Saturday night. I plan on smoking pork butts and chickens tomorrow (Friday). I will do ribs and kielbasa on Saturday.


Here are the side dishes.....

Dutches Wicked Baked Beans

Corn on cob

Potato Salad


Grilled mushrooms, peppers, onions, eggplant

Fruit salad


I will start posting Q-Views very early tomorrow (6am PT). 


This will be by far the largest smoke I've attempted. 


Any help would be great.



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WELL . Haven't you been busy rolleyes.gif , Lurking and Smoking and not joining in the fun... O.K. , we'll let you go if you run by the Roll Call section and introduce yourself and add your location to your Profile.


You will get a resounding welcome from everyone . Send some Q-view of your exploits and any points of view you have...biggrin.gif are welcome.


Do have fun as you read through our forum , and We hope you decide to call this your home for all things BBQ.


Have fun and . . .

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Wow, what a project!!  Earlier this year i did 12 racks of St. Louis Ribs for a neighbor's graduation for his daughter.  What i did with those is to prepare them the day before.  Got them almost done except for the final hour for mopping.  After i got them where i wanted i foiled them and let them cool off and put them in a fridge. Then the next day i timed it [or tried] to start mopping as the crowd came. This way they got to see them at their best and then served them a hour or so after they arrived.  It was a learning experience for sure, but it worked out somehow. Reinhard

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I'm looking forward to the morning. The smoker is prepped and ready to go. Pork butts look good in frig getting happy covered in rub.


Q-View tomorrow morning before the swine hits the hot metal.



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Good morning all. Here is a photo below. (Not great photo) of what is on my smoker right now. 8 pork butt ranging from 3-5 lbs. Started about 1/2 hour ago. I will keep everyone posted and more Q-View to come.





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Update: Looking pretty good so far. Smoker is holding temps good right at 220 or so. I've been spraying butts with apple juice everyone 1/2 hour or so. The smaller butts on top have a temp inside of 165.




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looking good

happy smoken.


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Lookin good!
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Looking nicedrool.gif

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looks real nice this June i cooked for 125 people at my Nice's sons high school graduation it started out as a cook for 60 on Tues. I picked up my new Lang 60 in Nahuta GA. then drove to Stark Fla. I cleand and seasoned it that night cooked 15lbs. of jerky on wen. to get use to the pit [what A difference from my chargrillar horz.] on Sat. I cooked 20lbs. of bottom round ,3 pork loins,armadillo eggs,baked beans,halpina poppers,and coal slaw it came out grate drool.gif

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