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Smoked sausage

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Hey guys I was looking at smoking some sausage now I have made sausage a lot of times but never smoked them. Now I am looking to do more of like a smoked andouille sausage something that will last for a bit not a sausage that would have to be eaten immediately. Is there a cure that I would have to add to the meat? Or what type of preservative would I use so that they would last vacuumed sealed for a bit but not to dry? I basically want to make pepperettes, so if any of you guys have done that before or have any tips it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys
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add cure #1 to it. Fallow the instructions on the package.

Happy smoken.


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Here is thread for Andouille with a recipe.


I searched pepperettes and there was 1 thread but not much info.

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Thanks a lot guys I appreciate the help
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